Properly Calculating Braking Distance

There are seemingly endless things that factor into the potential for being involved in a very serious or even deadly car accident. Every single driver should be very aware of their surroundings and the many things that they are responsible for when they are behind the wheel. One of the most important things that any driver can calculate into a situation on the road is the appropriate amount of braking distance that is needed to avoid a serious rear end collision on the roads or the highways.

What the Law is according to Rear End Collisions

Many people find it necessary to tail gate eerily close to others when they are on the road. Tail gating may seem to be a fine practice until it results in a serious accident. Even those that have been involved in fender benders or even more severe accidents often fail to change their ways in regards to tail gating. Basically, tail gating should never occur. Even if it is not on the highway, rear end collisions can occur anywhere. Tail gating in parking lots can even result in accidents. When it comes down to it, it is always best to just say no to tail gating. Closely following another vehicle will not get you to distance between cities your location any faster. There are basically no good effects of doing this bad behavior.

But even if you are not close behind another vehicle, you may easily still be in a danger zone. There should always be a very safe distance behind the nearest vehicle in front of you and your car. This is especially important on the highway when speeds are much higher and therefore the amount of braking distance needed to come to a full stop is much, much greater as well. There are a number of different methods that are routinely used for calculating braking distance. Perhaps the most common one is the three second rule on the highway. This is when you look at one point in front of you and count three whole seconds between when the car in front of you passes that point and when you pass that point.

Whatever method you decide to enlist in order to remain safe on the highway, always stick to it.

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