Poker in Asia

When Poker first started, it was only popular in the United States and Europe, but in the recent years, the game has become admired in the East, especially in Asia. It was not until an Australian won the World Series of Poker that it became popular in Australia, and that popularity moved north into Asia. After all, only a small patch of ocean separates the region. However, it was the Poker companies in countries where the game was already established that saw an opportunity. Asia was a virtually untapped continent, and that covers a lot of ground. There have been many tournaments that have taken place in Asia since Poker was first introduced, and as time goes on, it will only get more and more popular (like wherever else it has touched).
One of the tournaments is the Asian Poker Tour, which is held in Singapore and is one of the most popular Poker tournaments in the East. The Singapore Government is almost completely responsible for the large growth in Poker during the last few years. Aiming to make their country a bigger tourist attraction, establishments were put up (with casinos as their main focus). Since there were not many other casinos around, the Government figured that it would be a great way to boost the economy, and it has.

Did you think Las Vegas was the real “gambling center of the world”? Think again. The truth is that Macau generates the highest revenue in the world from gambling related activities, so statistically, Macau holds that title.

It is not a surprise that Poker and gambling is doing so well in Asia. Because Asia holds over two thirds of the world’s population, even if several countries don’t even make gambling legal, because of the high population density, there will always be millions of people who want to play. Remember, just a small section of Asia contains as many people as the entire United States.

Online Poker’s popularity could soon boom situs idn poker online in Asia. Right now, the companies are just focusing on Europe and Australia, but soon the target will be Asia. You don’t even see Poker commercials on TV anymore in America, as the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act prevents Americans from gambling online, and that eliminates the United States. With a whole market gone, companies have more money and time to spend on something else, and that something is Asia.

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