Stewart is an author, writer and coach on Rapid Fat Loss and writes on The Best Fat Loss Workouts. His efforts have been instrumental in helping thousands of men and women to not only lose weight healthily, but to also live healthier and happier lives. Click on the links for testo drive 365 Canada more from him.A healthy sex life is one of the main components of a happy, fulfilling life. Unfortunately, a slowdown in sexual performance, frequency, and desire begins to occur as we age. In fact, there is a parallel correlation between the decrease in male sexual potency and the natural decline in human growth hormone production starting in our twenties. There are countless studies proving that the rate of impotence increases with age and male sexual function decreases.

The majority of cases of erectile dysfunction (ED) are a result of physical rather than psychological causes. High cholesterol, insulin-dependent diabetes, and uncontrolled hypertension are all treatable conditions that impact male sexual performance. In addition, many men experience decreased testosterone levels as they age, which has a direct impact on libido. Also, lifestyle choices, like heavy alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking are factors that also contribute to ED.

Doctors who treat patients with human growth hormone injections find their patients report an improvement in their sexual performance. Their erections are stronger, last longer, and occur more often. In a clinical study on synthetic HGH replacement of 202 subjects, 172 of which were men, about 75% experienced a boost in sexual potency and frequency and 62% reported maintaining erections longer.

Human growth hormone treatment as prescribed by a physician assists in slowing or even reversing the effects of age-induced sexual decline. It promotes protein synthesis and cellular division. Injectable HGH has anabolic effects on muscle mass and promotes normalization of testosterone levels. There is a definite correlation or synergy between human growth hormone and the sex hormones of the ovaries and testes. Interestingly, there is also an impact on infertility related to synthetic HGH treatment, reproductive hormones and the production of sperm and eggs. Synthetically increasing HGH levels can also impact various organ systems in the body, like cardiac and nervous systems, which improve male sex drive when they’re operating at healthy levels.

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