The location of the property where the work is proposed.

* The name(s) of the considerable number of Party Wall Specialists Northamptonshire of the bordering property together with their correspondence address.

* A portrayal of the proposed work, more often than not a solitary line giving a concise depiction.

* The proposed begin date for the work – normally two months from administration of notice or one month where unearthings and supporting is included

* A reasonable proclamation that the notice is being served under The Party Wall and so forth Act 1996 and the pertinent segment refered to (typically section1, 2 or 6)

* The date the notice is being served.

* If the notice is for uncovering work, at that point an illustration demonstrating the position and profundity of the unearthing must be incorporated.

* A welcome for the Adjoining Owner to consent to the works or debate the works.

* A clarification that in the event that a debate emerges, at that point a surveyor (to be named with subtleties) would be designated to follow up in the interest of the Building Owner.

The way toward serving a notice under the Party Wall and so on Act is as per the following:

1. The proprietor expecting to complete the work must serve a composed notice on the proprietors of the connecting property something like two months previously the proposed beginning of the work OR one month where unearthings are included.

2. Each Adjoining Owner ought to react recorded as a hard copy giving assent or enrolling question – if a neighboring party does nothing for 14 days of the notice date, the impact is to put the notice into debate and the Adjoining Owner is required to select a surveyor to manage the issue.

3. No work may start until every single neighboring party have concurred recorded as a hard copy to the notice (or an updated notice).

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